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Near and Far Sciences

for Illinois

Near and Far Sciences for Illinois is a Scientific Literacy Professional Leadership project for teachers in the Earth and Space Sciences.  NFSI is funded through the Scientific Literacy program of the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE), as a state leadership activity.  NFSI was designed to support the teaching and learning of Earth and Space Sciences to meet the goals of the Illinois Learning Standards.   NFSI is a collaborative effort involving many associations and institutions.

Teachers may participate in one or more of these programs, concurrently.

The syllabus for each course is linked here:

NFSI SKYWatch North

NFSI Stars & Scopes

NFSI I: Introduction to Meteorology, Astronomy, and Geology.

NFSI II: Groundwater

NFSI III: SKYWatch: "Sharing the Skies" or "Picture the Universe"

NFSI IV: Build Your Own Technology (BYOT)

Directions to Yerkes Observatory.  Directions to Aurora University's George Williams Campus

NFSI Reunion May 17, 18, 19, 2002: Plans, Directions, Agenda; NFSI Reunion 2002 Report

SKYWatch Documents for Telescopes and Imaging

   Meade Star Catalog

   Meade Constellation Catalog

   LX90 Setup, LX90 Short Setup

   LX200 Setup, LX200 Short Setup

   Polar Alignment

   CCD Directions SBIG ST7

   LX90 Inventory

   Green Team Inventory

NFSI Participant Pages.

Using Thousand Oaks Solar Filters on the SKYWatch Telescopes (Kevin McCarron)

Telescope Construction (Sherry Deets and Karen Coffin).

Alt/Az Device Construction (Sherry Deets).

Viv's HOU Explorations Pages 

Mike Beeftink's Telescope Pictures   

BYOT Telescope Team

Spectroscope (BYOT) (Lynne Zielinski and Vince Pinelli)

How to Use the NFSI SKYWatch Solar Projector!

SKYWatch Weather Stations (links to schools that have their weather on the web)

Hanna Elementary (Jan Gufstafson)

Virginia High School (Stephanie Hobrock)

Jefferson Elementary (Pam Steele)

Professional Societies, Services, Associations, Observatories, and Museums

American Meteorological Society  ...and Datastreme

National Weather Service

The Weather Channel

Illinois State Geological Survey

American Astronomical Society

Astronomical Society of the Pacific


University of Chicago, Yerkes Observatory

Cernan Space Center,

Lakeview Museum and Planetarium,

Staerkel Planetarium, Parkland College,

Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum.

Great Lakes Planetarium Association 

Sangamon Astronomical Society

NFSI Collaborators and Experts (More pages will be added here. This is only a partial list of our many friends.)

Praxis Software (for Weather Stations)

Radio JOVE (Jim Thieman)

Green Bank National Radio Astronomy Observatory (Sue Ann Heatherly)

Elizabeth Roettger's Color Astronomy and other projects.

Passport to Knowledge

Hands-On Universe

Journey into Spectroscopy, StarDate, Mary Kay Hemenway.

Web Pages Recommended by NFSI Teachers

Project Starshine - Student Tracked Atmospheric Research Satellite.

The CERES S'COOL Project - provides ground truth data for the TRIMM weather satellite.

Heavens Above - site that provides the overpass times and paths for the ISS, HST and other satellites visible to the naked eye.

PSC Meteorology Program Cloud Boutique

Tornadoes Quiz

Weather World: Flooding


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